“I make Forbidden Music”

It had become one of those generic answers when people would ask me what kind of music i make. Instead of hesitating, gauging what you might be able to relate to, and considering my incapacity to stick to one genre, why not just call it “Forbidden”?

It's catchy, intriguing and weird: how does one even forbid a Music? Is it even possible, i mean there is an Internet in all of us, right? Normaly I would play with those questions, and bend them to change the topic away from me. But this time, after a smirk, the Person says:

Cool. Where is your dead-drop?

Caught in my own game!?.. Lost it for a second, but like a blessing from the cybergods my hands bumps on my jacket's pocket: I still have my piratebox in it!

SSID: FragleBox

We laugh and They proceed to log the board and skim the index on their mobile.

I have nothing to deposit obviously. It would be against the rules.

At that point i knew i had to find a way to SocEng those rules. The flag had to be captured: the blueprint of #forbiddenMusic.

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