Make a bold move or die trying

The logo of spotify being painted over in red dripping paint

I’ve spent ~$90 to be available on streaming services for 2 years and made exactly $9.85 (before taxes) during that time. Of course i could up my promotion game, send all my listeners into their network of stalker-bots and trackers. Or like the haters say: “mAyBE jUst mAKe bETter muSIC”. But instead I’m going to make a bold move.

A move that is allowed to me because I’m small and truly independent: I’m deleting that shit! 🖕

Effective soon (whatever time it takes for my aggregator to act upon my request), you’ll find me everywhere, but i won’t promote any other places then: My website and My Peertube Channel

Being Underground is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Tell your idols they need to find some courage!

PS. Fuck the Haters (yeah you D.Ek!)

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