The self-publishing prophecy

The channels are infinite. The engagement is instant. Or it isn't. Binary like computer code. There is no escape from it. Even if you share it with your two closest friends, that music is out there. It has traveled the pipes of cyberspace. It now also exists in Someone else's computer. Unless it exists in a procedurally generated physical space, #forbiddenMusic can't be safely distributed.

Don't be the leak.

Insert a variable: if you taint the water at the source you know the upstream of the leak. For example: you give the same meme of a criminal cat to Rick and Morty, but one is green and the other is blue. If someone else later talks about the pink criminal cat, you know from where they heard it. Neither Rick nor Morty would snitch on you anyways. They know you would protect them too. Just like the correct black cat in the news paper would. The source for the Forbidden music needs to be protected.

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