To Good, the Bad and You.

It's quite mindblowing how much excellent music is available on Audius. Sometimes i wonder if there's anything bad at all. But then again, in my world there are 2 genres: the good music and the bad music. The good music is really difficult to define, but bad music is easy: all the music that i haven't yet had the opportunity or time to tie to a context or a moment in life, plus all the music i don't understand.

Now this is no claim to a higher truth, it's by all means anecdotal. Because i have hated some music in the past that i cannot hate any longer. One example to this is ABBA. As a kid in the 80s... Gosh... those corny horny miauing disco cats with shiny ridiculous boots? WHY? HOW? NO!!! Well, fast forward 20 years and i am in holiday in a french village at the sea and there is ONE club and you guessed it: they play ABBA almost exclusively. But turns out that holiday was magnificent. And now because of that, any time i hear ABBA i'm taken to that beach those moments and i love it! The best Proustian Madelaine!

All other genres are sub-genres of good or bad music. But it is utlimately one-self who can decide what is good or bad. If this is true, it means that dismissing something as bad or praising something as good says a lot more about the critic than it says about the music.

Believe in your own music. It deserves to be perceived as good music by you. You deserve to enjoy it. Don't be intimidated by people who say it's bad. They either do not understand it, or they haven't yet had an opportunity to build a meaningful context with it.

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